’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2011

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If you’ve got a queer pop culture enthusiast in your life, odds are they end up buying whatever TV/movie/music-themed chotchkies they come across the second they see them, leaving you stumped for gift ideas. With any luck, these five gift ideas haven’t already made it into their collection.


1. The Illustrated World of Mad Men. Mad Men has become such a huge part of our culture that, even if you don’t watch the show, you are still likely to know about the fashion, the characters and how incredibly hot Christina Hendricks is. The Illustrated World of Mad Men not only comes with illustrations of memorable scenes from the show, it also has cocktail recipes, paper dolls and “tips” for picking up flight attendants. ($6-$15)

2. Sock Monkey Wine Holder. For if they need something fun and playful that maybe reminds your friend of their childhood but also makes a great adult beverage holder. ($9.99)

3. Gryffindor necklace. Perhaps this is my favorite of them all. I might need to get this for my Harry Potter-loving boo. ($22)

4. Record bowls. Vinyl has been making a huge comeback but not everyone has a record player in their homes. These record bowls are fun, practical and great for the music snob who already has it all. ($25)

5. The Wonder Woman KitchenAid stand mixer. This is a fantastic, but expensive, gift for the superhero in your kitchen. ($299+)

Mia Jones

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