’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2011


The Comic Book Craver

1. Batwoman: Elegy. When Batwoman took over Detective Comics in 2009, skepticism from fanboys was palpable. But with Greg Rucka‘s master story-telling and J.H. Williams III‘s incomparable art, Kate Kane’s Detective run was lauded from every corner of the comics community. Batwoman: Elegy is the collected stories from Detective Comics with a foreword by Rachel Maddow. The trade paperback should be on every lesbian comic fan’s shelf! ($15-$60)

2. Strangers in Paradise Omnibus. Terry Moore‘s long-running, much-adored series Strangers in Paradise features one of the greatest lesbian love stories ever told. Francine Peters and Katina Choovanski go through hell and back to make their relationship work. And every longing glance and stolen touch and murdered mobster is captured in Moore’s gorgeous two-volume omnibus. It’s worth the price ten times over. ($200)

3. Action figures. The great thing about superhero action figures is that you can find them anywhere. Though you might have to search a little harder for the super-heroines. Places like Target and Wal-Mart usually only carry whatever movie merchandising is popular at the time (so Green Lantern and Iron Man this Christmas), but comic book shops will have a vast and varied selection of action figures. Make sure you don’t forget the little plastic stands that keep the ladies on their feet. Female action figures, like female comic book characters, tend to be a little top heavy.($10-$30)

4. Collector’s editions. If your girlfriend reads comic books, chances are she collects comic books. Find out what issues she’s missing and track them down. is a great comic-finding resource. You can find and sort comic books by title, issue number, character and a million other things. Plus there are plenty of tips on what you should pay for a specific book and where you can find it. ($20-$500)

5. Comic store gift certificates. Most people don’t have the luxury of going into a comic shop and dropping hundreds of dollars at a time. But with a gift certificate, your girlfriend can spend hours and hours and hours perusing back issues and action figures and Wonder Woman hoodies and who knows what all. It’ll be a dream come true. Trust me. ($5+)

See anything for someone special on your shopping list?

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