’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2011


The Adventurous Lesbian


Do you have a friend who always nags you to go skydiving/mountain climbing/surfing with her? Is she obsessed with nature television programming? Does she know how to make a hammock out of a piece of bamboo? If an adventurous lesbian is on your holiday list, here are a few gifts she might enjoy.


1. An REI membership. In addition to making her eligible for in-store specials and super sales, a Lifetime Membership to outdoor store REI also includes discounts on an array of REI courses, including kayak tours, rock climbing workshops and map and compass navigation classes. ($20)

2. Bear Grylls Survivor Trousers. Before you send her out into the wild, consider giving her the proper attire for the adventure. These Survivor Trousers always look smart on Bear Grylls (until he removes them for the mandatory nearly-nude portion of each episode of Man vs. Wild). The trousers have eight (!) pockets, are made of SolarDry material and are fitted with an elastic waistband, which will come in handy when she finally returns to civilization and wants to chow down at the Hometown Buffet. ($40)

3. K2′s Rescue Shovel Plus. If her Jeep collapses in a sandpit (this can happen just as easily in the Palm Desert at Dinah Shore weekend as it can in the Sahara) or if she finds herself snowed in at base camp, K2′s Rescue Shovel Plus will come in handy. This shovel can also be converted into a rescue sled (again, also potentially helpful at The Dinah) with the BackSide, and Factory Team K2 skis. If it also came with one of those Saint Bernard Whiskey Keg Barrels, I’d say this product would be pretty close to perfect. ($75)

4. GoPro HD Hero2 video camera . What’s the point of going on a grand adventure if you don’t document the experience for bragging rights later? GoPro’s HD Hero2 (in Outdoor, Motorsports and Surf editions) will allow your sporty friend to capture every hair-rising, stomach-churning moment of her many excursions in HD video. ($299)

5. A Great White Shark Diving Adventure. Instead of giving her adventure gear, why not just give her the dang adventure? Great White Shark Diving (at the Farallon Islands and at Isla Guadalupe) gives her the opportunity to watch 20 ft.+ long creatures breach for their lunches. Who wouldn’t want to stand topside on a boat in the open ocean as a shark the size of city bus flies over your heard in crazed pursuit of seal? ($375 to observe from the boat, $775 to cage dive)

Karman Kregloe

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