’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2011


The Majorly Queer Music Fan


OK, so you know she likes music — now what? If you don’t know what she has or hasn’t, try one of these items that are sure to sound good to an audio lover.


1. A subscription to Spotify. I’m addicted to this program, which is also a super handy app to have on your iPhone. When you pay for the monthly subscription, you get access to the newest music and exclusive stuff that doesn’t come with the free download. You want to hear any song, anywhere, anytime? Spotify makes it easy. ($10)

2. Music trivia games. Any music fanatic worth their salt enjoys proving their wealth of knowledge. Games like The 80′s Music Trivia Game and Scene It: Music Edition give them the opportunity to show off.($15-$100)

3. A Self-Evident Truth T-Shirt. If you know someone who loves Tegan and Sara, CoCoRosie or MEN, this is an easy sell — and it all goes to a good cause! ($29)

4. Gladys Benteley zine. From the series The Life and Times of Butch Dykes, learn all about the original lesbian songstress. There are also issues all about musical pioneers Chavela Vargas and JD Samson. They are so cheap you can buy them all! ($5-$15)

5. A trip to Women Who Rock at the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. The exhibit will only be at the Cleveland-based museum until February, so it could be a perfect post-Christmas trip to present her with. See Joan Jett‘s first jaguar and other memorabilia from girl groups, riot grrls, MCs and more. (museum entrance is $22, travel pricing depends on where you live)

Trish Bendix

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