’s Fall Fashion Guide


Get colorful in your clothing: “No matter the season or year, you cannot go wrong with a crisp white or a saturated black,” Laricks says. “This fall, I would add in a navy, charcoal grey and as a ‘pop of color,’ a light tan in terms of a belt or shoe. I have also seen some great kicks in distressed burgundy or forest green.”

Hardesty agrees with the neutral black, greys and blues, but also adds some more colorful ideas like “Oxblood red.” “It’s big this fall, so think about it in terms of dyed denim, T-shirts, a crisp woven top. It’s a good color for a great pair of oxfords, too.”

Rich & Skinny ‘Legacy Leather’ Faux Leather Oxblood Skinny Jeans ($176), Original Tomboy Oxblood Red T-Shirt (price not available),
Aqua Denim – Basic Skinny in Oxblood ($68)

But Smith says to keep the dye off your head. “What i am noticing right now is that its not cool to color your hair anymore,” she says. “Don’t dye it pink or blue or what you think is punk! Kids are wearing ‘punk rock color’ so it’s no longer a trend that gives off the same tough imagery. To me a cool cut without color looks more tough and cool and authentic than that cut with a color ’90s look. It looks so matchy matchy, like a purse and a hat that match, which to me is too much.”

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