’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman


The Practical Butch Fashionplate

Oh, Dilemmas. If there’s one person on your list who can sometimes be a touch difficult to buy for, it’s most certainly the fashionable butch in your life. And you can be certain that she’s definitely been naughty this year.

1. A good tie. A good tie is a staple in the butch wardrobe, and if she doesn’t have one, she should. You can really get creative with it and use the tie as a ribbon on a bigger gift! (Thank me for the idea later). I like this one by . It’s a classic she’ll undoubtedly love. ($50)

2. Warm socks. Some may argue that getting socks for the Holidays is like the ultimate burn, but what if they’re expensive socks that are also awesomely warm and soft? Let me present you with Smartwool. Most are sold on the fact that you can wear them several times before they start to smell. Take that as you will, pro or con. ($21.95)

3. Ben Sherman clothing. The bad news? Ben Sherman is discontinuing his women’s line. The good news is that as a result all of the stuff is on sale! Stock up for your sweetie and who knows- the stuff is probably going to be a hot commodity once it’s no longer available. Get it, get it. ($30+)

4. Sheep skin slippers. So, my girlfriend has told me at least 10 times how much she wants Sheep skin slippers. Someone’s got expensive taste, huh? I kid, I kid — these house shoes are totally reasonably priced and will undoubtedly be appreciated by even the most conventional of conventional gift giving ladies. ($69)

5. Diesel jacket. If you can introduce me to a butch who doesn’t love Diesel you might as well knock me over with a feather. If you’re springing for your sweetie, I say go for this jacket by the brand — it’s like raddest thing I’ve seen all week.

Emily Hartl

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