’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman

The Out Techie


1. Targus for iPad. She’s already got an iPad; she’s on it all the time. This pen will let her take notes old-school style and aids in accurate typing and button selection – especially those super small buttons. The Targus has a rubber tip, which has more control and accuracy than the earlier prototypes that had felt tips. This is especially great for frequent doodlers sitting through long classes or meetings. ($18)

2. Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac. Nothings says I love you like solving the ever-annoying Windows/Mac incompatibility issue. Parallels lets you drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste between Windows and Mac, and use Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts within Windows applications. It also improves Windows graphics by 40 percent and has a compatible mobile app. ($80)

3. Twin Video Camera. As far as filming goes, it doesn’t get much geekier than this. The Ion Twin Video Camera’s tagline is "for every action there is a reaction." Basically you’re filming something, and you’re simultaneously filming yourself – reacting to whatever you are filming. Recording quality is 640 x 480 and 30 frames per second. I know, right? ($130)

4. Final Cut Express 4.0 Perfect for the video editor on the go; you know, the one who’s still using iMovie. Has almost all the functionality of Final Cut Pro but loads quicker and takes up less space. FCP Express captures both DV and HD footage and includes a slew of effects, transitions and graphics. She’ll be slinging pro web vids in no time. ($199)

5. iBUYPOWER Gamer Power A557D3 FPS Gaming Desktop. For the serious gamer, give the gift of a super fast, high computing gaming device that will change her life forever (and maybe never get her away from the video games, er, maybe this isn’t actually a great idea). Equipped with a powerful AMD Pehnom II x4 965 processor clocked at 3.4GHz, this box will take her game play to the next level. ($800)

Megan Hargroder

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