’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman

The Queer Lit Lady


Ah, the queer literary nerd. Hopefully you are lucky enough to know the type: they rock a cool librarian aesthetic, wouldn’t be caught dead without a paperback in their bag, read more lit mags than glossies, and think the Lambda Literary Awards are way more important than the Oscars. For the lesbian literati in your life, I suggest the following awesome gifts.

1. Handmade notecards. Whether she’s writing thank you notes, a list of books she wants to pick up at her local indie bookstore, or sweet nothings to her gf, any nerd will appreciate these handmade notecards from The Blue Balloon shop on crafty site Etsy. Created on old library catalog cards and stamped with a typewriter, they’ll make any book lover swoon. ($5)

2. She Blinded Me With Library Science Tote. When your bookish homegirl checks out like every Jeanette Winterson novel at the library, how is she ever gonna cart them all home? Everybody likes a good tote bag, and this cheeky blue number is perfect for bookworms/lovers of ’80s nerd pop/appreciators of a good pun. Brilliant. ($15)

3. Original artwork. Sure, her bookshelves are banging, but what about her walls? Treat your bookworm to some original artwork with a biblio-vibe. The 20×200 project aims to put original artwork printed in small batches into the hands of DIY collectors. You can grab a small print for 20 bucks, or purchase larger (and more limited) editions for a bit more cash. And there’s plenty of art that echoes a literary aesthetic, like Lauren DiCioccio’s artistic rendition of Vogue’s contributor page, or Austin Kleon’s poems created by random New York Times articles. (If you’re indecisive, 20×200 also sells cute gift certificates, so your lit nerd can pick out their own art.) ($20 to $200)

4. Notebook paper clutch. Whether attending a reading, or just spending a night on the town, every literary gal will need a place to stash a paperback, some pens, and a little notebook for when inspiration may strike. Splurge on this new Kate Spade number: a generous clutch made to look like blue lined notebook paper. ($95)

5. Eyeglasses. Perhaps no cultural icon has claimed eyeglasses like librarians have. Add to that the wide hipster embrace of chunky spectacles, and you know that nothing completes a look (or a geek) like a pair of super awesome glasses. Fashionable New Yorkers have long sought out opticians Sol Moscot for what’s hip in eyewear. Moscot boasts a considerable catalog of glasses that would make Nancy Pearl herself jealous. Case in point: the voluptuous Ginger style, in moss. What girl wouldn’t look good in a pair of these and a pencil skirt? You can pick out a snazzy pair and have them shipped anywhere. ( $225)

Courtney Gillette

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