’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman


The Totally Gay TV Nerdette


1. Singing Glee Magic 8-ball.. While Glee may be everywhere, one thing that I haven’t seen yet is the Magic 8-ball. Fox’s website says it sings and talks. No word yet on if "Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks" is among its spoken gems. It sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer to me. ($12.95)

2. Grey’s Anatomy T-shirts. You heart everyone’s favorite folded up pizza: Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie and Arizona. Show your love for primetime’s leading lesbians (yes, they’re broken up now, but they won’t be for long) with a T-shirt or hoodie from ABC’s store. Selections include tank tops expressing your love for Arizona, an I Love Callie hoodie and even a baseball-style "You Can’t Pray Away The Gay" shirt. For the serious Grey’s fan, don’t forget a "Seriously?!" shirt — and something for your McPooch as shirts for dogs are also available. ($20+)

3. The Real L Word on DVD. Come back to reality with a little mindless fun — and drama — courtesy of The Real L Word DVDs for and add a set of four show-themed wine glasses. Then order two bottles of Real L Word wine because, face it, you might need the second bottle to cover the bonus features. Make it interesting by getting her a Pants or Pumps T-shirt, also via Showtime’s gift shop. ($49+)

4. The L Word Box Set. You miss Bette, Tina, Alice, Shane and company. But you really miss Dana. And Carmen. Marathon all six seasons, currently packaged on Amazon. Then personalize a copy of Jennifer Beals’ The L Word Book. ($125+)

5. The Buffy boxed set. Includes Seasons 1-7, plus a cool note from The Josser himself. No lesbian DVD collection is complete without this baby. Plus, you know, Willow and Tara cuteness. Face it, you’d rather stay in on New Year’s Eve with Buffy and company, anyway.Currently on sale on Amazon. ($180)

Have the DVDs already? Include your preorder receipt for Season 8′s stop-motion comic DVD/Blu-ray. It comes out Jan. 4, which allows ample time for the Buffy newbie to realize just what everyone’s been talking about all these years. Amazon is now accepting pre-ordersIndividual volumes of each of the Season 8 comics also are available on Amazon. ($10+)

(Note: Buffy also provides a perfect gateway to turning your girlfriend into a fangirl. Trust me, I speak from experience. There’s nothing cuter than imitating the guys on The Big Bang Theory for a field trip to the comic book store with your date. Total nerdgasm!)

Top the Buffy-themed gift off with some pop: Jones Soda’s Buffy spellcasting soda. ($12.99)

Lesley Goldberg

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