’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman


The Lesbian/Bi Biblioholic


1. One of your favorite books. I’m not talking Harry Potter or the Millennium series or other titles you know most lesbian book lovers have read: Choose a special book that most people don’t know about, one that you could read again and again. Maybe a special genre, like a children’s book or a graphic novel. It’s a gift from the heart and tells your friend something special about you – and she gets a new book to explore in the process. Be sure to inscribe it! ($10+)

2. Subscription to The New York Times Book Review. I wasn’t aware until recently that you could subscribe to the NYT Book Review separately from the newspaper. You choose the term, so you can spend what you want, and it arrives (at least in the U.S.) before the Sunday release date. Bibliophiles adore NYT book reviews, whether we agree with them or not. ($1.75 per week)

3. Used books from a favorite author. To share writings of someone your friend doesn’t know, go to a used bookstore and get several representative books. You won’t spend a ton of money and your friend won’t feel guilty if she doesn’t care for the author. And if she discovers a new writer to love, you’re a hero. ($3+)

4. Bookstore gift card. I’m not a big fan of gift cards usually, but I would never forget to use a bookstore card. Be sure to get one from a real, bricks & mortar bookshop, because browsing is the best part. ($10+)

5. A Kindle or iPad. Expensive, yes, and perhaps a surprising recommendation for a genuine book lover because we love physical books — the way they look, the way they smell, the way that feel in your hand. But we also love to read and want to have reading material available at all times. The truth is that we read some books that we don’t care about owning (I’m looking at you, Twilight). The iPad has the most gorgeous book-reader, of course, but among dedicated e-reader devices, the Kindle wins. ($89-$500)

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