’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman


The Lesbian’s Lesbian


1. The Illustrated Gentleman Calendar. Elisha Lim is the artist behind 100 Butches, and all of her art is inspired by real life lesbians. Her 2011 calendar is full of illustrations and first-person stories from "handsome dandy queers." Who wouldn’t want that 365 days a year? ($20)

2. Girls Like Us magazine subscription. My favorite lesbian magazine comes from Amsterdam, where the women featured are internationally recognized, and the photography and art inside is nothing short of inspiring as well as super, super gay. You can’t read an issue and not learn something about cool things lesbians have done/are doing. I keep every single one they put out. ($43)

3. Rachel Maddow or Ellen D T from Rainbow Alternative. Because you can’t find a T-shirt with your favorite lesbian TV personality at your local Hot Topic, Rainbow Alternative has you covered. And you can’t beat gay-owned, indie style ware. ($12-$18)

4. Catherine Opie print. Whether you like her portraits of Kate Moennig or other butchy types in the "Girlfriends" series, or prefer her S&M-themed "DYKE" shots from the ’90s, there’s a lot of cool imagery to choose from, should you be able to afford it. ($600+)

5. Olivia Cruise. As long as she’s not seasick, any lesbian will take you up on a boat ride with hundreds of other gay women. And if she is one of those who gets green on the water, treat her to one of the Olivia resorts. But I might recommend the Mexican Riviera Cruise this spring, which features Wanda Sykes. ($700+)

Trish Bendix

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