’s 2010 Gift Guide for the Gay Woman

The Gay for the Gym Girl


1. Philips Sweat-Proof Headphones. For runners, headphones can be the bane of your existence. I’ve gone through four pair in the last year alone. I decided I was being cheap, buying $20-$30 pairs of earbuds (which I prefer), so I was ready to pay even more for some that would last. But the Philips SHQ1000/28 In-Ear Headphones Tuned for Sports are the cheapest (and best) that I’ve found yet. They’re sweat-proof, so you can run all you want and not worry that sound will suddenly stop coming out of the left side (ugh!). They have three different sized earbud skins, ensuring a perfect fit, and a handy clip on the cord to attach to your pants, shirt or bra, to minimize dreaded cord bounce. ($16.82)

2. SafeSide Towels from Athlete Outfitters. Maybe your fitness-friendly lady friend belongs to a gym that has towel service, or takes her own towel to the gym. But I bet she has never seen one as practical (and cute) as this SafeSide gym towel from Athlete Outfitters . One side says “face” and the other “gym,” which prevents picking up all kinds of gross bacteria that’s left behind the gym floor, bench, locker, treadmill, etc. These towels are made of a bamboo-cotton blend, as bamboo is a natural antibacterial. Kitschy and functional: the best combo! ($14.95 – $49.95)

3. Harbinger FlexFit Weightlifting Gloves. If the fit girl in your life is into lifting weights (as she should be, because muscle burns more fat – and looks hot), gloves are a must. Not only will they protect her delicate hands from blisters, they also prevent you from holding hands with Calus McCalus-y. Workout should be rough, not hands. I’ve gone through a few pair of gloves, and am pretty into my current ones: the women’s Harbinger FlexFit. I like the easy on/off with the velcro, and the fit is perfect for women. No matter how butch your babe is, women’s gloves are a must (even the small men’s aren’t quite right) and this is proof you can avoid overly girly ones. ($19.99)

4. Fit Bit. I’ve always wanted a Body Bugg, like the contestants on the Biggest Loser wear, but I could never bring myself to spend $200+ on something that has to be worn around my arm all the time. I’m a fan of tank tops in the summer — and not awful tan lines. The Fit Bit, however, works the same way, tracking your fitness and sleep, all from your pocket, clipped to your pants or bra, or on your wrist while you sleep. No one will even have to know what a fitness fanatic you are! Enter your calories consumed online for a more accurate look at each day. The Fit Bit is a must have. But, don’t wait — it’s in high demand and orders placed now are shipping mid-December. ($99)

5. New tiny iPod nano. I don’t know about you guys, but I just don’t get the iPod armbands. To me, you’re not working your biceps/triceps enough or are cutting your runs way too short for those things to stay in place and not drive you completely insane. Not to mention, sometimes you don’t want everyone to know you’re listening to Lindsay Lohan while you workout. The new Nanos are perfectly sized to fit discretely in any gym pants pocket (even the ones I used to avoid because the pockets are too small to fit a regular-sized iPod). You can even shove this in your sports bra, if it weren’t for the whole boob sweat issue. Don’t forget to take advantage of Apple’s free engraving, so your special lady thinks of you every time she breaks a sweat. ($149 – $179)

Jamie Murnane

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