’s 2009 Naughty or Nice List

Lesbian news everyone can use

When the country is in crisis, where does it turn?

To lesbians, apparently.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Jane Velez-Mitchell from CNN’s Headline News, Suze Orman from The Suze Orman Show and good ol’ Rosie O. became go-to commentators this year.

Maddow, Velez-Mitchell and Orman tackled the news from cable TV, while Rosie launched Rosie Radio on Sirius XM.

Rachel Maddow’s superior intellect and ability to verbally eviscerate morons (with kindness!) has made her the most watched news show in her time slot. Jane Velez-Mitchell’s no-nonsense approach to tough issues serves her well on CNN and contributed to her recent memoir’s success. Suze Orman does not pull punches; she will deny the deepest desires of your heart if your savings account isn’t in order. And Rosie O.? Well, people just can’t look away.

These four woman cover such different topics, and have such different styles of presentation, that we could actually get all of our news from only lesbians if we wanted to. We don’t, of course — our straight allies make the very best parody videos!

So, what happens now?

Well in Whoville they say that a Grinch’s small heart can grow three sizes in one day. Hopefully, the folks on our Naughty List will experience their own Grinchy-y transformations in 2010.

In the meantime we’ll be sharing a Who-special vegan roast beast with the people on our Nice List, and keeping our well-trained eyes on lesbian entertainment news. Santa’s got two more weeks before he starts delivering prezzies; we might even check his list a third time.

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