’s 2007 Naughty or Nice List

5. Tila Tequila takes a shot at being "a bisexual," lets us watch

MTV’s latest reality dating show, A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila, has all the ingredients of a trashtastic hit: girl fights, stripper poles, disgusting "food" challenges and a bisexual Maxim model who is looking for love in some very interesting places.

Tila Tequila

And though it dips into some tedious stereotypes (the bisexual "anything that moves" dilemma, "man-hating" lesbians, etc.), the show’s star, scrappy Tila Tequila, is surprisingly straightforward and vulnerable about her coming-out process, even if she does insist on calling herself "a bisexual."

Plus, one of her two finalists, Dani Campbell, is a self-described "futch" girl who is unlike all the other "lipstick lesbians" we usually see presented as objects of desire on television (when they bother to give us any lesbians at all).

Tila Tequila and Dani Campbell

Say what you will, but there’s never been anything quite like it on TV before. Where else will you ever see "a bisexual" giving her lesbian girlfriend’s grandmother a lap dance? This year on A Shot at Love, being naughty was very nice indeed.

6. Joss Whedon provides comic relief for Buffy fans

It’s been almost five years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer went off the air, and, like that girl you never got over, lesbian fans still pine for its return. But series creator Joss Whedon has taken some pity on us and this year offered the consolation prize of Buffy comics.

In the comics, Willow is still kicking ass (but not kicking it with Kennedy), and even errant slayer Faith has returned. One Faith-centric issue, written by Lost co-producer Brian K. Vaughan, centers around evil slayers, and Vaughan recently explained that "when it comes to who will slay a Slayer, Giles turns to Faith. She’s the person to go for, as she says, ‘dirty deeds, done cheap.’"

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