’s 2007 Naughty or Nice List


2. Coming out: the gift that keeps on giving

It’s tried-and-true, but we never get tired of celebrities coming out as lesbian or bisexual. Australian musician Missy Higgins came out as bisexual on her MySpace profile this year, and Maori singer-songwriter Anika Moa came out as a lesbian in an interview on New Zealand’s TV 1.

Moa told them: "I had to cover it up, because I didn’t want anyone to judge me, or think, ‘Ooh, she’s dirty … This is the first ever interview where I’ve admitted that I’m gay and I’m willing to talk about it. So we’ll see how the album sales go."

Anika Moa

Model/actress Eve Salvail (The Fifth Element and Pret a Porter, aka Ready to Wear) also came out this year on the "Coming Out Stories" episode of The Tyra Banks Show. Salvail came out in an interview with The Advocate in 2000, but did it all over again for Tyra "because it’s you." Does that count as re-gifting?

3. Straight actors want to be our friends

Ana Ortiz, Sara Ramirez, Rebecca Romijn, Kate Walsh, Becki Newton, Rachel Griffiths and other stars from Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters and Grey’s Anatomy participated in GLAAD’s "Be an Ally & Friend" campaign, encouraging people to watch their mouths when it comes to using homophobic language.

Somehow, they avoided tacking the words, "That goes double for you, Isaiah Washington!" onto the end of the segment. All of this good will and self-restraint too? What’s it like to have friends like that?

4. "A little less conversation, a little more action please": Kyra Sedgwick, Sarah Shahi, Hillary Duff and Chaka Khan (literally) sing our praises

Ever notice how your stock goes up when a hot girl likes you? Hopefully the same holds true for our collective stock, thanks to the love and praise we lesbians received from some extremely fine celebrities this year.

In her appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio, Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) shared fond memories of her make-out scenes with Losing Chase co-star (and Hot List-er) Helen Mirren.

Then, in an interview with The Advocate, she bragged about how fabulous her real-life lesbian best friend Valerie is and told us which female stars she would most like to hook up with. Sedgwick said: "Jodie Foster. She totally does it for me. I think she’s so amazing. And Salma Hayek. That would be really hot."

Not to be outdone, L Word alum Sarah Shahi spoke to our own Malinda Lo this year at the Television Critics Association conference in Los Angeles, and when asked if she had anything to say to her lesbian fans, told us, "I thank them for staying so loyal to me and for coming with me on the ride of The L Word, and I hope they continue on with me."

Sarah Shahi

Later, in an interview with The Advocate, Shahi was asked, "In 2006 you were number 66 on the Maxim Hot 100, but this year you were number 5 on the hot list. That means lesbians have better taste in women than straight men, right?" Shahi replied, "Of course! Lesbians do everything better."

Shahi went on to say that she’d happily play gay again (especially opposite Penelope Cruz or Rachel Weisz), noting, "[W]hen I was on [The L Word] … I definitely felt I was representing a group of people who had very little representation on television. And I felt, Leave them the f— alone. [Gay couples] are no different than heterosexual couples — sometimes they even function better than heterosexual couples. That was the biggest revelation I had … What is the big f—ing deal? They’re just like everyone else; leave them alone."

Getting more specific were Chaka Khan and Hilary Duff, who sent personalized messages (both audio and video) to Below is Duff’s video love letter:

You know you’ve made a real contribution to society when a former Disney child star and a former Black Panther (oh all right, a former volunteer for the Black Panther’s Free Breakfast for Children Program) can find common ground in their love of your people.

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