’s 2007 Naughty or Nice List

3. South of Nowhere‘s Danso Gordon gathers up his "integrity" and goes home

You probably know Danso Gordon best as Clay, lesbian teen Spencer Carlin’s kinda boring, kinda clueless older brother on South of Nowhere. SoN was groundbreaking in its multilayered portrayal of the coming-out process for lesbian and bisexual teens, and you’d think that’s something the show’s actors would be proud of. Well, one wasn’t.

After the second season, Gordon walked away from the show because it "went against my personal Faith and integrity" and was "morally wrong." We’re still not sure why the show was more "morally wrong" after two successful seasons than it was before he signed on for the role.

Danso Gordon

The N explained Gordon’s absence in the third season of the show by killing off Clay in a drive-by shooting at his senior prom, a revolutionary move that proved that homophobia can be just as deadly for heterosexuals as it is for us homos.

4. Jackie Warner misinterprets the term "double date"

In the scintillating second season of the Bravo reality show Work Out, fitness maven Jackie Warner dropped about 100 pounds of dead weight (her ex-girlfriend, Mimi) and was free to cat about Los Angeles. One of her first orders of "business" was to hook up with her employee, super hot fit (and allegedly straight) trainer, Rebecca.

Jackie and Rebecca

They say cats have nine lives, and Warner proved it by using one of those other lives to simultaneously date a former girlfriend, Tiffany.

Despite her athletic balance and grace, Warner was a lousy juggler of women, and Tiffany showed up at her after-work gathering/dinner date with Rebecca. Though I doubt "the hairy eyeball" was on the menu, Rebecca ordered it and shared it with Jackie all night, while Jackie fed sushi to a suspicious Tiffany.

Some felt the developments in Jackie’s love life in the second season perpetuated the stereotype of the predatory lesbian, while others were simply impressed with her ability to multitask. But I think we’d all agree that, regardless of her strenuous training sessions, we’d never seen Jackie sweat that much before.

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