Valentines: We Know Better Than Cupid


11. The L Word‘s Shane McCutcheon and South of Nowhere‘s Ashley Davies

Where they meet: In the chair at Bangs

How they get what they deserve: Shane (Kate Moennig) uses her underwear modeling money to rebuild the recently torched Wax hair salon/skate park, renaming it Bangs.

Bangs is immediately the most exclusive (i.e., rad) place to get a questionable haircut, which does not go unnoticed by 18-year-old millionaire Ashley Davies (Mandy Musgrave). High on the fresh excitement of over-paying for everything, Ashley shells out big bucks to get butchered by everyone’s favorite non-butch stylist.

When the two players meet, they can’t help but be curious about each other’s rumored game. They set out to seduce each other, only to find themselves as bored as an old married couple because they have all the same moves. Frustrated and sheepish, they slink back to their respective playgirl pads and act like nothing ever happened.

So much for Shashley.

12. Time Traveling Lesbian Rebecca Drysdale and future First Lady Barbara Bush

Where they meet: Smith College, April 1945, at tennis practice

How they fall in love: Rebecca Drysdale’s willingness to time travel for the good of all humankind is tested mightily when she’s sent back to 1945 to prevent Barbara Bush from dropping out of college and marrying future U.S. President George Herbert Walker "Poppy" Bush.

The athletic young coed (then known as Barbara Pierce) meets her dashing new doubles partner from the future and finds her irresistible. After practice, they head back to Barbara’s dorm room to "study," and she forgets all about that uptight guy from the prep school in Andover. She stays in school, graduates with a degree in physical education, and turns out to be the First Lesbian for many a girl to come.

As for "Poppy," he dates another girl — one from a less gay college. They eventually marry, but they never have any kids. What a shame.

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