Valentines: We Know Better Than Cupid

9. Painkiller Jane‘s Jane Vasco and The L Word‘s Tasha Williams

Where they meet: In an abandoned subway tunnel in Los Angeles

How they fall in love: While under investigation by the military for being gay, Tasha Williams (Rose Rollins) is hand-selected for a secret mission in a rogue government agency. The woman doing the selecting is Jane Vasco (Kristanna Loken), a former DEA agent who now leads the hunt for "neurological aberrants" (aka "neuros") — human mutants with supernormal mental powers that interfere with the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

On her first mission, Tasha is ordered to "neutralize" Jenny Schecter, the annoying neuro who’s been living right under her nose.

Vasco is so impressed with her new recruit’s neuro-hunting skills that they dub her "Painbringer Tasha" and turn her loose on the cast of Curl Girls and Work Out, too. Who knew there were so many lesbian crazies neuros?

One night after work, over a couple of cocktails, the "painkiller" and the "painbringer" act on their inevitable attraction to one another. For a career girl like Jane, romance with a co-worker is really the only option. As forTasha, her weakness for mouthy, know-it-all blondes is already the stuff of legend.

They steal away together to form an even more rogue agency and go on a top secret mission that involves daiquiris, sunsets and long walks on the beach. The demanding life of the civil servant is not for everyone.

10. 3Way‘s Roxie and Exes & Ohs‘ Sam

Where they meet: At some bar

How they fall in love: Honestly, "love" might be a strong word. But "fall" is completely accurate.

After being over-served at a bar on St. Patrick’s Day, the exuberant fitness guru Roxie (Cathy Shim) stumbles and lands in the lap of fellow patron Sam (Marnie Alton). Ever the opportunist, Sam takes Roxie home and learns that in addition to heavy drinking, Roxie’s other hobbies include swordplay and pole-dancing.

The next morning, Sam also learns that Roxie is on a break from her girlfriend, Andrea, but has every intention of getting back together with her. Exhausted, amused and, quite frankly, relieved, confirmed bachelorette Sam sends her flexible playmate home in a cab and goes back to bed. For a month.

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