Valentines: We Know Better Than Cupid


7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Kennedy and Blood TiesVicki

Where they meet: A graveyard

How they fall in love: The two vampire hunters meet cute when attempting to exterminate the same creature. Witchy Willow has kept the neglected Kennedy (Iyari Limon) at arm’s length for months, so Kennedy has nothing to lose when Vicki (Christina Cox) decides to quit flirting with those two boring guys and make good on all those pesky bisexual rumors.

Kennedy and Vicki have a gothy commitment ceremony and spend their honeymoon in Transylvania, where staking vampires is simply foreplay.

(Willow, finally single again, figures out how to resurrect Tara, and they live happily ever after. Like, forever.)

8. Under the Tuscan Sun‘s Patti and Cashmere Mafia‘s Alicia

Where they meet: Lamaze class

How they fall in love: If your businesswoman girlfriend is part of a crew that dubs itself the Cashmere Mafia, it’s a safe bet that she’s probably not watching her (or your) biological clock as closely as she’s watching the Dow. This is what Alicia (Lourdes Benedicto) learns when she starts wearing those fugly maternity jeans and her girlfriend, Caitlin, hits the road.

So Alicia stoically trudges off to Baby Gap and Target alone as she prepares for the challenges of single motherhood. But she gets a pleasant surprise when, true to bad machine’s prediction in her last Cashmere Mafia recap, she meets a new love interest in Lamaze class.

The woman in question is feisty mom-to-be Patti (Sandra Oh), who’s also recuperating from being abandoned by a no-count girlfriend (played by Kate Walsh before she became — ironically — former head of neonatal surgery on Grey’s Anatomy!).

Being the only lesbians in class creates an immediate camaraderie, and somehow all of that huffing and puffing is a big turn-on for both of them. With due dates eerily close together, the two share a birthing room — which is the pregnant lesbians’ version of a U-Haul — and order tandem epidurals. The whole thing is way creepier and a lot less romantic than it sounds. But it works for them, so don’t judge.

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