Valentines: We Know Better Than Cupid


3. Exes & Ohs‘ Chris and Kris and Friends‘ Carole and Susan

Where they meet: Online, in a seemingly innocent parenting chat room (just ask The L Word‘s Tina — aka Lindsey76 — about those chat rooms)

How they fall in love into bed: While researching parenting tips online, Chris and Kris (Megan Cavanagh and Angela Featherstone) "meet" Carole and Susan (Jane Sibbett and Jessica Hecht), two veteran lesbian mommies. What starts as an exchange of homemade baby food recipes quickly devolves into something decidedly more swinging.

The nerdy twin shirt–wearing wives from Exes & Ohs find that online "play" with the nerdy twin hat–wearing wives from Friends jazzes up their boring little domestic life, so they invite them for a visit. The once-vanilla Carole and Susan soon learn that the Ch/Krisses’ "pet accessory" business includes access to a dizzying array of leashes and collars. Oh my!

The best part of this whole scenario? Annoying friend Crutch accidentally walks in on the orgy and is so traumatized that she runs out of the House of Ch/Kris never to be seen again. And she takes her guitar with her.

4. Who Wants To Be a Superhero‘s Whip-Snap! and Scooby Doo‘s Velma Dinkley

Where they meet: In a creepy old mansion filled with bad guys

How they fall in love: Whip-Snap! (Paula Thomas) may have gotten the boot from that Sci Fi Channel reality show, but that hasn’t put a stop to her crime-fighting endeavors. She continues to kick ass and take names, and on one of her missions she meets the brainy, bespectacled sleuth from the original Scooby gang.

Intrigued by her prim schoolgirl look, Whip-Snap! convinces Velma to dump her Mystery, Inc., colleagues and join forces with her instead. Intrigued by Whip-Snap!’s alleged superpowers (how does one turn an enemy into sand?), Velma does some investigating and falls in love, turning them into the fiercest lesbian duo to battle injustice since Rosie and Kelli took their little cruise to Jamaica.

(Incidentally, Velma takes a shine to her new lover’s signature whip, and "Jinkies!" makes the leap from catch phrase to safe word by the end of their first caper.)

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