Huddle: Women we wish would have kissed on screen


Mia Jones: If you’re going to make a show about an all-girls boarding school, there has to be some lesbian action taking place. Of course, since The Facts of Life was made in the late ’70s and ’80s, everything had to be done covertly. There is no doubt in my mind though, that if the show were filmed today, tomboy (cough butch cough) Jo Polniaczek and bitchy femme, Blair Warner, would’ve locked lips and then probably taken it to the bedroom only to be found by Tootie.


And that right there would be your very special "Tolerance" episode.

Dorothy Snarker: Daria and Jane on Daria. Which, if they’d gone to college, totally would have happened.

Trish Bendix: If Darlene and Molly would have just stopped fighting over David on Roseanne, they could have channeled their anger into something more positive, like a make out session.

Darlene wore flannel, Molly enjoyed leather jackets. Together, it was a lesbian love story waiting to happen. I’m still waiting.

What pair of TV friends would you have loved to see hook up?

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