Huddle: Get into the groove


Dorothy Snarker: For straight scenes, the Dirty Dancing lift finale. Come on, no one puts baby in a corner. Subsequently, each time I hear that new Black Eyed Peas abomination, I want to chuck an entire watermelon at them for ruining that perfect mental image.

For gay scenes, the Imagine Me and You Dance Dance Revolution scene. Lena Headey and Piper Perabo dancing will never not be adorable.

Bridget McManus: The African anteaters dance from Can’t Buy Me Love. Patrick Dempsey kind of looks like a lesbian in that film.

Trish Bendix: There’s this scene in the 1998 movie Living Out Loud that really got my hopes up about lesbian bars. Holly Hunter and Queen Latifah go to this women’s club (Confessional) where all of the lesbians are amazing dancers and take to the floor to Brownstone’s “If You Love Me.” Then they all do this this brilliantly choreographed routine ending with Holly Hunter blissfully embracing Rachel Leigh Cook. It’s pretty hilarious and the total opposite of most lesbian bar experiences. (Skip to about 1:47.)

OK your turn: What’s your favorite dance sequence?

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