Huddle: Get into the groove


Drummerdeeds: No dance scene — whether it features a straight or queer couple — could even fantasize about topping that of the beautiful, artistic, and downright sexy scene between Shane and Queen Carmen on The L Word season 3, episode 2, “Lost Weekend.”

Everything from Carmen’s clothes (or lack thereof), D’Angelo‘s “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (off of the best sex album ever, Voodoo) playing in the background, Carmen’s body, Carmen’s smile, to just Carmen everything — oh, hrmm and I suppose Shane and her nondescriptly grungy self — solidified that scene’s place at the top of the heavens in sexy dance history. If only Dancing With the Stars took a page from Ilene Chaiken.

The Linster: My favorite all time lesbian dance scene was in The L Word when Alice asked Dana to dance. They were all shy and cute – it was absolutely adorable. Of course, I couldn’t find a clip. But I did find this one of Dana drunk dancing. It is awesome. Dana! Come back!

Grace Chu: This was one of my favorite scenes on The L Word. While the house party did eventually descend into chaos, the exuberant dancing in the first 95% of the clip made my heart sing and reminded me why I miss this show. The part between 0:52-0:57 is particularly nostalgic.

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