2007 Visibility Awards



WINNER: Out at the Wedding

Out at the Wedding,
director Lee Friedlander’s comedy about lies and misunderstandings in a Southern
family, isn’t a lesbian movie in the traditional sense, but that may be why
it works better than most actual lesbian movies. It delivered on both comedy
and romance, and the chemistry between Cathy DeBuono and her
love interest is palpable and fun to watch unfold.


WINNER: Nina (Shelley Conn) in Nina’s Heavenly Delights

As a Scottish woman who returns home to run her father’s Indian restaurant
and ends up falling in love, the star of Nina’s
Heavenly Delights
is by turns conflicted, hesitant and confident.
In other words: Nina’s like a lot of women you know (but hotter). Her romance
with a former classmate is balanced by scenes of her mastering the art of making
a good curry, and both turn out well in the end.

RUNNER-UP: Risa (Cathy DeBuono) in Out at the Wedding

Out actress Cathy DeBuono sparkles
as the lesbian pretending to play the girlfriend of a straight woman in Out
at the Wedding
. Risa’s low-key confidence is extremely appealing, and DeBuono
skillfully straddles the line between drama and comedy. By the time the movie
is nearing its end, you find yourself more invested in Risa’s happiness than
the lead character’s — and not just because Risa’s gay.


WINNER: Grace (Gretchen Mol) in Puccini for Beginners

As Allegra’s bisexual girlfriend in Puccini for Beginners, Grace is
annoying, lacks depth, and is overacted by Mol — so much so that you’re
almost rooting for Allegra to dump her for the guy. Fortunately for us, Allegra
takes a different route altogether.

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