2007 Visibility Awards


WINNER: Itty Bitty Titty Committee

Silly name aside, this movie directed by out filmmaker Jamie
about the inner workings of a ’70s-style feminist group works because
it keeps its sense of humor. In her review
for, Riendeau called it "a slyly subversive, punk rock love
letter to radical feminist groups and the riot grrl lifestyle" that "holds
the distinction of being one of the few films about radical feminism that doesn’t
take itself seriously." The talented cast doesn’t hurt, either.

RUNNER-UP: Puccini for Beginners

Elizabeth Reaser (Grey’s Anatomy) shines as a lesbian
who finds herself dating a man and a woman who are recent exes in the talky
New York romantic comedy Puccini for Beginners,
directed by Maria Maggenti (The Incredibly True Adventure
of Two Girls in Love).
Julianne Nicholson (Law and
Order: Criminal Intent
) adds to the charm of the movie, making the most of a small role
as the ex-girlfriend Reaser’s character still carries a torch for.


WINNER: Smokin’ Aces

Violence and unrequited lesbian love are the themes of Smokin’
, the action flick co-starring Alicia Keys and
Taraji P. Henson as bank robbers who may or may not be more
than friends. As we summarized in our review, "Advertising this film as
containing lesbians may serve to attract an audience of heterosexual males prone
to fantasies including lesbian hit women, but Smokin’ Aces lesbian
content remains just that — a fantasy, and this is only one of many promises
the film makes but fails to deliver."


Lucy Liu plays a vengeful vampire with lesbian tendencies
in this poorly constructed thriller (previously titled Rise:
Blood Hunter
) which exploits lesbianism — complete with gratuitous
scene of Lucy’s character in bed with Carla Gugino‘s —
to lure straight male viewers. Alas, it fails to deliver a plot and just adds
to the list of lesbian horror movies (and no, we don’t mean that in a good way).

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