2007 Visibility Awards



WINNER: Jackie Warner, Work Out (Bravo)

This season on Work Out, Jackie dealt with the death of her close
friend and trainer Doug, the demise of her relationship with Mimi, the perils
of dating two women at one time, and her mixed feelings about returning to her
hometown. Oh yeah, and she ran a gym, too. But who cares about that,
it’s all about the lesbian drama! And the Bravo reality series delivered that
in spades, especially in the episode where Jackie had two dates at one time.

RUNNER-UP: Cat Cora (Food Network)

Appearing in People magazine’s Thanksgiving spread with her partner
and their two sons, Iron Chef America’s Cat
became even more visible this year as a chef, author, philanthropist
and out lesbian. Her success proves that, as Cora said, "women can cook alongside men just
as hard and just as well."


WINNER: Vanessa, A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila (MTV)

We don’t know which was worse: Vanessa’s habitual lying and backstabbing, her
flirtation with the male contestants, her questionable pole-dancing abilities,
or her knock-down, drag-out fight with another female contestant when she was
eliminated. OK, we lied. That fight was a low point on a show that’s already
an embarrassment to many lesbian and bisexual women.

RUNNER-UP: Jessica, Curl Girls (Logo)

Jessica, 24, might not have been crazy, but she sure was edited that
way. Trying to follow her illogical and inarticulate arguments made our heads
hurt, and her anti-bisexual comments early on in the show didn’t improve our opinion of her, either.

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