2007 Visibility Awards


WINNER: Work Out (Bravo)

The reality series about a Beverly Hills gym for the wealthy
doesn’t sound entertaining, yet somehow consistently is. During its second season, Work
explored more serious themes, including owner Jackie Warner’s
tumultuous relationship with her mother, the death of one of her trainers, and
some of the serious health issues faced by her clients. But the interpersonal
drama was just as prevalent and entertaining — and definitely kept the adrenaline pumping.

RUNNER-UP: Shear Genius (Bravo)

Although the premise seems silly — a reality competition about hair
styling? — Shear Genius was
actually fairly amusing and included two openly gay contestants, Daisy and
Tabatha. Throw in Sally Hershberger as a judge while Cuban-American
Daisy makes it to the final three, and you’ve got the other best lesbian
reality show on TV.


WINNER: Curl Girls (Logo)

Logo’s reality series about the lives and loves
of a group of lesbian "surfers" in Los Angeles was boring and made
real female surfers look bad, since only a few of the women could actually surf.
The drama between Jessica and Gingi was occasionally interesting, but the show
didn’t seem to have a point, and most of the action, especially the surfing
"competition," came across as contrived. We know reality shows aren’t
all that real, but you’ve got to fake it a little better than that!

RUNNER-UP: A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila (MTV)

MTV’s bisexual dating series A Shot at Love
With Tila Tequila
drew mixed opinions from readers
and staff. Some of us think it’s amusing and subversive, others think it’s cringe-inducing
trash. But regardless of whether you enjoy the show, it makes our "worst
reality TV series" list because it reinforced several negative stereotypes
about lesbians and bisexual women. The lesbian contestants were mostly crazy (and many of them not all that lesbian), and the entire premise of the series exacerbated the perception that bisexuality equals promiscuity. Thanks, MTV, but we’ve got all the help we need in that department already.

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