2007 Visibility Awards


WINNER: Angela Robinson’s Girltrash

The nine-episode Girltrash web series set in the
world of Los Angeles lesbian gangs was an instant hit with lesbians and bi women
when it debuted online this summer. It owes its success to a film noir setting,
fast-paced storytelling and a cast of lesbian favorites, from Amber Benson to The
L Word
‘s Rose Rollins and South of Nowhere‘s Gabrielle Christian,
Mandy Musgrave and Maeve Quinlan. The episode in which Rollins’ character
shoots up a laundromat when someone removes her clothes from the dryer too soon
is black humor at its best.

Our only complaint about the series? The episodes
were too short (often less than 3 minutes), and we want more of them!


Yes, we know that in some sense we’re giving ourselves an award here, but let’s face it, there just aren’t many other places to find lesbian video blogs online yet. And as the volume of comments have indicated, they do have an impact on lesbian/bi visibility in entertainment, so we felt we would be remiss to ignore the genre just because we make many of the video blogs available to you on, either directly or through partnerships.

WINNER: We’re Getting Nowhere with Karman Kregloe,
Dara Nai and Jill Bennett

What started as a vlog about a television series (South of Nowhere
and then America’s Next Top Model) quickly snowballed into a show in
its own right, due to the unique chemistry of its three hosts, Jill, Dara and
Karman. Equal parts television commentary, wisecracking, friendly infighting
and hilarious re-enactments, We’re Getting
is always amusing, often risque and sometimes better than
the shows they’re reviewing.

RUNNER-UP: U People with Hanifah Walidah and Olive Demetrius

Hanifah and Olive’s vlog
about filmmaking, music and the experiences of queer people of color is so
well-edited, entertaining and insightful that it elevates video blogging to a whole
new level. Comedian Gloria Bigelow keeps it from getting too
heavy, and the intersection of Hanifah and Olive’s personal life with their
filmmaking efforts keeps you emotionally invested in their journey.


WINNER: Jill Bennett

An actress currently starring in the third season of Dante’s
on here! TV, Jill has developed a large and devoted following since
she began co-hosting the We’re Getting Nowhere video blog this summer.
Her excellent comedic timing, skill at improvisation and accessibility to fans
make her a favorite with readers, and her biting wit and willingness
to speak her mind also lends to her charm. Her sex appeal doesn’t hurt, either.


WINNER: Blair Butler’s Lesbionic Woman

This spoof of Bionic Woman created
by Blair Butler for gaming cable channel G4 exploded in popularity on the internet late
this year, and for good reason: It manages to poke fun at prevailing
lesbian stereotypes and the ailing TV show at the same time. From waking up
from her accident-induced coma with combat boots on, to shouting "keep
your laws off my body!" to ending a standoff with the evil villain by making
out with her, Lesbionic Woman makes you laugh throughout. If only the
real Bionic Woman were this entertaining!

RUNNER-UP: Karey Dornetto’s Hi, I’m Ilene Chaiken

This brilliant parody
of L Word creator Ilene Chaiken will entertain anyone who was ever frustrated
with the Betty theme song, Dana’s death or Max’s ongoing existence. Creator Karey
does a great Chaiken imitation, and her last line will live on as
comedy gold: "Hello, mountain lion, I’m Ilene Chaiken."


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