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The Different Dragon,
written by Jennifer Bryan, illustrated by Danamarie Hosler
(Two Lives

Jennifer Bryan’s fantastic The Different Dragon is the story of a little boy named Noah and
his cat, Diva. (Apparently many two-mom families have cats. I’m also guilty).

Similar to Meesha,
Noah’s family structure is just one element of his character. It is introduced
nonchalantly while he gets ready for bed: "He had brushed his teeth and
only needed a little bit of help from one of his mothers with flossing." A
picture hangs on the wall with the saying "Best moms in the world award"
and it is later explained that "Noah was a boy who had two mothers."

The Different Dragon
begins when one of Noah’s mothers, Go-Ma, puts him to bed. The two create a
bedtime story together about how Noah and Diva hop on a boat and visit the "Dragon
Cove" for chocolate yogurt and goldfish. While there they come across the "meanest
Dragon in all of Dragon

With Noah at the helm, Go-Ma weaves a rich tale about how
the dragon is tired of being fierce and mean. He wants to be "funny or sad
or just regular." After Noah gives him a bit of advice — "I am a
smart boy and I know some things. I know that there are lots of different ways
to be a dragon" — the two become friends.

The Different Dragon
is a magical, funny and sweet story with beautiful illustrations. The two moms
are just a bonus.

Some additional books
to check out:

The Mommy Book, by Todd
(Little, Brown Books for Young Readers): Perfect
for either a two-mom or single mom family, The
Mommy Book
is a fun and light read that does not feature a dad.

Molly’s Family, written by Nancy
Garden, illustrated by
Sharon Wooding
Straus and Giroux): Molly learns to overcome judgment at school after she’s
teased for drawing a picture of her two-mom family.

Mom and Mum Are Getting Married, written by Ken Setterington,
illustrated by Alice Priestley
(Second Story
Press): The story of a little girl whose main concern about her mothers getting
married is whether she will get to be the flower girl.

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