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Trish Bendix, Editor-In-Chief 

AfterEllen.com works the lesbian/bi pop culture beat, with a fun, feminist perspective on film, television, music, books, and sports. We even cover topics in lesbian/bi lifestyle, like sex, dating and coming out. We deliver new and exclusive celebrity interviews, film reviews, TV recaps, original video and more each day.

Founded in 2002, AfterEllen.com quickly became the largest and most comprehensive website dedicated to the representation of lesbian/bi women in popular culture. Since then, the site has continued to expand its reach beyond coverage of lesbian/bi pop culture and is now the go-to resource for a lesbian/bi perspective on all entertainment news.

In addition to our annual Hot 100 poll, in which readers pick the hottest women in entertainment, AfterEllen.com provides coverage of breaking entertainment news as well as exclusive interviews and first looks at some of the most buzzed about films, songs and television shows.

We have a solid reputation as a reputable site run by real journalists, conducting insightful, factually correct interviews – all of which means actors, publicists, managers, TV studios, film companies trust AfterEllen as a place to connect with online fandom. In the past year alone the site has run print or video interviews with Evan Rachel Wood, Sasha Alexander, Naya Rivera and other stars from many of your other favorite shows and movies.

AfterEllen’s daily entertainment round-up column, Morning Brew, offers the latest in pop culture news, photos and video and are must-reads for tens of thousands of readers each week. The site also posts popular recaps of some of TV’s most buzzworthy shows, including Orange is the New Black, TransparentOnce Upon a TimePretty Little Liars  and more.

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Meet Our Staff

Trish Bendix, Editor-In-Chief

Trish has been with AfterEllen since 2007. Her work has been published in The Hollywood ReporterCosmopolitan, Slate, The Village VoiceTime Out ChicagoOutPunk PlanetBitch, The Frisky, AlterNet and The Huffington Post. Her fiction has appeared in The Q Review and CellStories and she has an essay in the 2010 Seal Press anthology, Dear John, I Love Jane. Her work is also included in the anthologies More Than Marriage and Opposing Viewpoints: Celebrity Culture (Layman Poupard Publishing).

Trish is the 2016 recipient of the NLGJA’s Sarah Petit Memorial Award for Excellence in LGBT Media, a board member of the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and member of the Television Critics Association as well as the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. She’s spoken on panels at SXSW, Q-Me Con, BlogHer and Creating Change and to classes at the University of Western Washington and Columbia College Chicago. 

Email: trishbendix@gmail.comTwitter@trishbendixInstagram: @trishbendix

Dana Piccoli, Staff Editor


Dana Piccoli is the Staff Editor for AfterEllen where she covers television, film, music and pop culture. Prior to becoming an editor, Dana was a writer and reporter for the site. She has also contributed to Curve magazine, Go magazine and GayGamer.net. A longtime professional vocalist and songwriter, Dana began writing songs about the fandoms she loved, which she did under the moniker of The Fandom Balladeer. Dana has a degree in Musical Theatre from Western Michigan University. She currently resides in the Hudson Valley with her wife, their cats and way too many guitars. When not writing for the site, Dana is working on two full-length novels. 

Email: dana.piccoli@yahoo.comTwitter: @danapiccoli

Dorothy Snarker, contributor

Dorothy Snarker is misanthropic, but in a nice way. AfterEllen has been publishing the things she yells at her television since 2007. She is the creator and curator of Dorothy Surrenders, a gay gal’s guide to pop culture, which she has updated daily since 2006. Her work and words have appeared in Jezebel, The Los Angeles TimesThe Chicago TribuneCurve magazine and several other far less reputable places.

Twitter: @dorothysnarkerInstagram: @mssnarkerTumblr: dorothy-snarker.tumblr.com

Grace Chu, contributor

Grace Chu lives in New York City, where she works as a bored attorney and not-so-bored photographer. She spends most of her free time at the grocery store with her girlfriend and Instagramming their dinners. Her work has appeared in Time Out New YorkVogue, Jezebel and Huffington Post, among others. If you go to LGBT events in New York City she has probably taken your photo.

Twitter: @gracethespot

Elaine Atwell, contributor

Elaine Atwell lives in New Orleans, and is the author of The Music Box, a trash novella about lesbian spies in WWII. She has also written for The Toast and The Mary Sue, and one time she and Emmylou Harris rolled their eyes at the exact same moment about the exact same thing.

Twitter: @elaineatwellTumblr: LittleRedWagon.tumblr.com

Lucy Hallowell, contributor

Lucy Hallowell lives near Boston with her family. She is a writer whenever she can find five minutes of peace. She is proud to say she managed to ignore her children long enough to write a short story called Dragon Slayer. She has been called a mule on more than one occasion but insists that she simply likes the high ones.

Twitter: @lucyhallowellTumblr: gayathomemom.tumblr.com

Valerie Anne, contributor

Valerie Anne lives in New York and loves it just as much now as she did when she moved there for college at 18. She loves writing, reading, wine and beer, Broadway musicals, Tatiana Maslany, playing with other people’s puppies and pretty much anything purple. She loves writing about television even more than she loves watching it, which is saying something. And she promises she’s better at writing recaps than she is at writing bios.

Twitter: @punkystarshineInstagram: @punkystarshine, Tumblr: PunkyStarshine.tumblr.com

Kim Hoffmancontributor

Kim Hoffman keeps things weird in sunny Portland, OR where she lives with her girlfriend and their two cats. Her work has also appeared inCurve magazine, Bitch Flicks, Huffington Post, and PQ Monthly. She’s into crime television, crystal gazing, daydreaming of the 1990s, and is currently crafting a screenplay.

Twitter: @the_hoffInstagram: @kimhoffman

Anna Pulley, contributor

Anna is the managing editor of the East Bay Express and a freelance writer in Oakland. She’s publishing her first book (The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) next year with her girlfriend (and illustrator) Kelsey Beyer through Flatiron Books. She’s been a guest expert on Dan Savage’s podcast multiple times and author Cheryl Strayed called her one of her “favorite advice columnists.”

Twitter: @annapulleyInstagram: @lezbianna, Facebook: facebook.com/theannapulley

Chloë Curran, contributorchloe

Chloë Curran is a 27-year-old writer dwelling in Los Angeles. Her first writing job was as an intern for Offbeat, a legendary New Orleans music magazine. She graduated Tulane University in 2011 and moved to Los Angeles for no particular reason. In 2013, she joined AfterEllen and found her place. Her writing has appeared in xoJane, Jezebel, Playboy, and the Good Men Project. She’s sold over 100 original articles and written a spec, a pilot, and a web series. She dislikes writing bios and enjoys writing ranty lists. 


Twitter: @howtriteInstagram: yo.chlochloTumblr: yochlochlo.tumblr.com

Eboni Rafus, contributor

Eboni Rafus earned a BFA in Film and Television from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, moved to Los Angeles where she worked in television for three years, and then moved to Massachusetts to earn a MA in Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing from UMass, Amherst. In addition to AfterEllen, her work has appeared in The Women’s Times, Huffington Post, The Bohemian Aesthetic and Consensus. Eboni is the master of unfinished writing projects and is currently working on a full-length novel, a YA series, a picture book series, two screenplays, and a television pilot. Eboni lives in Los Angeles with her adorable terrier pup, Stella Rue.

Twitter: @EboniRafus  Instagram: @ebonigrafus

Chelsea Steiner, contributor

Chelsea Steiner lives in sunny Los Angeles, where she works as a screenwriter/comedian/blogger. Her work has appeared on Jezebel and AutoStraddle, and you can find her performing in comedy club basements all over Southern California. She loves the word “Jewess” and wishes more people used it to describe her.

Twitter: @ChelseaProcrast

Emily McGaughy, contributor

Emily McGaughy is a freelance writer living in Dallas, TX with her wife Char and their pups Bettie and Siddhartha.  Emily and Char own and operate Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art in Dallas. Emily has written for online publications including HIV Equal and Metalholic magazine. She enjoys listening to the various ways in which people attempt to pronounce her married name and begging her wife to allow her to adopt just one more dog.  If you don’t like cute dog photos, you probably shouldn’t follow her on Instagram.

Twitter: @EmilyAMcGaughyInstagram: @emilymcg618

Natasha Negovanlis, contributor


Natasha is an emerging Canadian artist who is thrilled to be a new addition to the AfterEllen family. The label-eschewing actress gained notoriety in 2014 for playing everyone’s favorite useless lesbian vampire in the popular queer web series Carmilla, and her accolades since then include: nominations for both a Shorty and Streamy award, as well as ranking #5 on AfterEllen’s Hot 100 List for 2015. As a writer, she is currently working on a children’s book about mental health and pitching a few script ideas. When not in front of the camera or her computer screen, Natasha is also a singer/songwriter who enjoys fostering rescue dogs and eating all of the things.

Twitter: @natvanlis,  Instagram: @natvanlis



Erin Faith Wilson, contributor


Erin is a Detroit native now living in Los Angeles. Erin’s work has been published  in The Advocate, Curve Magazine and SheWired.com. She has a B.A. in Communications/Journalism from Olivet College and is a member of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association. When Erin is not writing, you can find her lost somewhere in LA because Siri gave her the wrong directions.

Twitter: @erinfaithwilson, Instagram: @erinfaithwilson



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