A Star-Studded “Evening With Women”



AfterEllen: What does it mean to be asked to be a part of an event like this?
Renee Zellweger: It’s totally flattering. Introduce my pal, Linda Perry, and come out and support this cause? Who says no to that?

AE: What do you think of the fight for marriage equality?
RZ: It’s so frustrating. Give people their lives. Let people love each other.

AE: If you were going to play gay, who would you cast as your onscreen love interest?
RZ: (Laughing) Is this a game you play at parties? I’ve never thought about it, so I can’t give you a proper answer.


Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart

AfterEllen: What can you tell me about your new album?
Ann Wilson: It’s called Red Velvet Car, and it’s coming out after we tour for it this summer.

AE: What’s a red velvet car?
Ann Wilson: A red velvet car is a soul ambulance. It’s that friend that comes and picks you up when you’re standing alone in the rain at rock bottom. Or if something has happened to you and you really need help and you reach out, that’s the person that comes to get you.

AE: Is that what the album is about, friendships you’ve formed along the way when you’ve needed them?
AW: Quite a few of the songs are about life experiences of change and pulling yourself out and up.

AE: What does an event like this mean to you?
AW: I’m really honored to be here. That Linda would have asked us to come here and be part of this. I’ve got so many friends who are gay and I know so many young people through my daughter’s crowd who have had bad troubles and have nowhere to go.

AE: If you were going to dedicate “Barracuda” to anyone here tonight, who would it be?
AW: I’d dedicate it to Linda Perry.

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