“A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” Recaps: “I Choose …”


Tila is all too happy to oblige, but when she goes upside down, her top drops and she inadvertently flashes her breasts to everyone in the room. Bobby’s stepdad and brother are thrilled! Tila is embarrassed and laughs, while Dani is quick to rush to her and help her cover up again.

Bobby’s brother says that he can’t wait to go back to school and "brag about seeing Tila’s t–s." Miraculously, Bobby’s mother isn’t "unimpressed" at all! In fact, she’s laughing her ass off. And she’s not even offended when Tila skips over to Bobby’s brother and proclaims: "You saw my boobies! Shut your eyes." Then she shoves her chest in his face and gives him a motorboat.

Cut to Bobby’s stepdad, who looks like the Kmart version of Sam Elliott doing his best Dean Martin impersonation as he slurs, "Tila … is a natural on the pole, without a doubt."

Cut to Tila earnestly telling us: "I love these families. I feel like they fill this void that I missed out on my whole life." Then cut to Bobby’s stepdad and Dani’s mom working the poles in tandem while Bobby’s mom gets hammered.

Tila sends everyone home so she can begin her decision-making process. And readjust her breasts.

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