“A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” Recaps: Episode 1.9 “Three’s a Crowd”


Let’s give them something to talk about — So did Amanda do any real damage to Dani by spreading malicious gossip about her to Tila? I don’t think so. Unless you count getting Tila all hot and bothered could be considered doing damage.

Unlike her dates with Amanda and Bobby, Tila decides to skip "dinner" and head straight for "dessert" with Dani. Their date starts in Tila’s bedroom, on her rose petal-covered bed.

Tila wants to "clear the air" with Dani, and she seems to think that getting her horizontal will streamline the process. Luckily, Dani is too smart to be completely distracted by getting into the Big Bed so quickly. She looks a little worried, and seems to know that Tila has something up her sleeve. She keeps her wits about her.

Tila grills her about Amanda and Bobby, but Dani refuses to say anything horrible about either of them — even though she gets the feeling that Tila wants her to do that. She manages to sell herself as the best candidate without slinging any mud at the other two.

In order to assuage their jealousy, Amanda and Bobby get drunk and play "dress-up" back at the hotel. In a matter of minutes, Amanda has Bobby poured into a tight little cocktail dress and some clunky heels (which, I might add, she couldn’t accomplish with Dani after hours and hours of bullying).

Bobby looks surprisingly good in the dress, and it’s probably to his advantage that he didn’t play "dress-up" on the same night that he deep-throated that wine bottle. He complains that the dress makes him look like he has a "big ass," but before you know it he’s busting out some dance moves that would make Bob Fosse proud (and his own mother cringe).

And thus, an avatar is born.

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