“A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” Recaps: Episode 1.9 “Three’s a Crowd”

My baby’s got a secret — The next morning, Dani wakes up with a big smile on her face because she knows that she will have her own Tila time that night. But before that happens, she’ll have to endure Bobby’s smug small talk at the breakfast table after his night spent with Tila. Of course, she and Amanda hold it together a lot better than he did, and Amanda thinks this is because neither of them regards him as a threat.

Amanda is, however, threatened by Dani. Dani jokes that for the morning after their date, maybe she and Tila should plan on brunch instead of breakfast. She flashes her dimples at Tila, and Tila giggles. Brunch it is! Amanda is not amused.

Amanda: Dani’s confidence … bugs me. Overconfidence … is gonna be her downfall.

I don’t think so. And you know what bugs me? Upspeak.

Tila is like The Great and Powerful Oz, but in a tiny little combustible package. She has arranged to have the fancy hotel evacuated (via bomb threat?) so that she and her three suitors can have the big swimming pool all to themselves.

Once there, Tila drags Amanda off to the shallow end (heh) to "play a little." This is code for "tell me more about how Dani is ‘promiscuous.’" Instead of abandoning her groundless accusations, Amanda decides to Supersize™ them. She tells Tila that Dani goes to strip clubs "like three times a week!"

Tila: Three times a week? Is that what she said?
: Yeah, she, like, loves it!*
: That’s weird. She told you that?

*Author’s note: Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

Tila tells us: "It’s just weird, because I don’t see Dani as that type. But maybe Amanda sees something that I don’t." Yeah, like an opportunity to defame her competition.

Plus, why would Amanda think Tila would find strip club attendance offensive? She started out as a friggin’ Maxim model! Isn’t stripping sort of like starring in a stop motion Maxim movie?

Amanda thinks that their little gossip/slam session was to her advantage.

Amanda: It is so cool that we had a chance to do a little extra one-on-one … although, we didn’t talk about us. But I did like the opportunity that I had to drag Dani down a little more.

I think she just shot herself in the (enormous and clown shoe-clad) foot.

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