“A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” Recaps: Episode 1.9 “Three’s a Crowd”


Geez, take a "morning after" pill! — The next day, Bobby is up to his old tricks again. He’s speaking in the third person about how watching Tila and Amanda go on their date made him so very, very jealous. His bitching and moaning continues when Amanda and Tila stroll into the dining room, hand in hand, to join him and Dani for breakfast.

In her other hand, Amanda holds her shoes and her underwear. Bobby thinks this is "foul," but I think it’s a first. Have you ever seen anybody do an actual walk of shame on national television? Plus, who would have ever thought she’d be wearing undies in the first place?

He wants to know what happened on their date, but Amanda informs him that she’s "actually a lady, so I don’t talk about those things." And with that answer, Lady Marmalade has just told them (and us) that the date wasn’t just about Jiffy Pop™ and Nora Ephron movies.

Dani is bumming too, but she’s smart enough to keep her mouth shut. Bobby can’t. He makes a series of snippy comments about the fact that their date was — gasp! — an all-nighter (Is Bobby a virgin?) and how creepy it is that their post-date ecstasy has robbed them of their appetites.

Tila has had just about enough of him. (For the record, I had enough of him about six episodes ago.)

Tila: Is this coming from a loving place, or some kind of animosity?
A very loving place, smart ass.
Yeah? Are you being a sarcastic asshole today?

Bobby: Are you? You’re the one who’s full and doesn’t want to eat.

If I eat this, will you stop being an asshole?


Bobby then slathers his toast with the sarcasm that’s dripping from his mouth.

Because Tila is essentially a happy camper, they make nice and she skips off to get dressed for their next activity. She drops a hint about said activity: "I want to see who’s hanging in there."

Bobby hopes that it’s not about heights (he’s scared of them), and he blanches at Amanda’s suggestion that it could be skydiving. But I’m still stumped as to how Tila & Co. could ever come up with a challenge worse than eating a bull penis and testicles.

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