“A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” Recaps: Episode 1.8 “Welcome to the Family”

Beach blanket bimbo — The next stop is at Pacific City, Ore., where Tila is reunited with Amanda and her breasts. They (Amanda and Tila, not Amanda’s breasts) greet each other with a very straight girl-looking A-frame hug, and once again I’m wondering how Amanda is still in the game. They have no chemistry.

Tila and Amanda fly (rainbow) kites, then loll about on the beach discussing their shared self-destructive tendencies. It’s your basic, no-frills lesbian date. Afterward, they make out, and they still don’t look like they’re that hot for each other.

Mercifully, they are soon joined by Amanda’s very nice, very interesting parents for a beach picnic. Amanda’s dad, Pat, admits with a smile that he didn’t think Tila would "look like that" (which I think is code for "Damn, my daughter gets hotter chicks than I ever did!"), and her stepmom, Pearl, says she thinks that Tila is "sweet and feisty."

They pass around the grub, which includes some "virgin water." Tila pipes up and says, "Well, I’m definitely not a virgin!" But unlike Bobby’s mom, Amanda’s mother just laughs and passes her a sandwich.

What? No prudish outrage? Amanda’s dad ribs Tila that she just gave him "too much information," but he says it playfully and then moves on. "So," he asks, "what have you guys been up to?"

Very interesting. OK, so they passed her sex test. Tila sees that she can be inappropriate at the dinner table without getting her paw smacked, which means that this family has potential! So she tests them again by "dropping the bi bomb."

They gaze at her warmly, as if to say, "And?" Tila asks them if her bisexuality shocks them. "Shocks us?" Amanda’s dad asks, and then he and his wife laugh their collective ass off. They pass Tila’s second test. Tila is free to be a bisexual here in Oregon. Yippee!

Later, when Tila is having a conversation with Amanda’s stepmom about the importance of laughter in a relationship, Amanda’s dad is across the way giving his daughter some fatherly reassurance. He likes the fact that she and "perky" Tila are so sweet to each other, and he supports his daughter taking a shot at love.

Then, out of the blue, he tells us, "My daughter being gay and bringing home a girlfriend is controversial now, but one day it will be the same as a woman bringing home a man."

Gads! When is the last time you saw a public service announcement on reality television? (And no, skinny girls writing and massacring performing their own PSA copy as part of an America’s Next Top Model challenge does not count!)

Tila then meets Amanda’s many siblings, for whom she has wisely brought cookies. A little bribe never hurt anyone! The siblings, of course, love her, and Amanda is so happy that Tila "rocked it" with her family.

Amanda’s dad says of Tila, "She fit right in here, just like a glove." The love fest continues when Tila tells us that she feels seen and respected as her own person in their home. She shares a nice kiss with Amanda before she leaves — the type of kiss she did not have with Bobby. Heh.

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