“A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” Recaps: Episode 1.8 “Welcome to the Family”

Bobby boasts that he is one of only four contestants left: "Two guys and, uh, two girls." All of his family members register shock at this disclosure.

Tila helpfully tells them she’s "a bisexual," (as if they thought maybe the "two girls" on the show were used merely as diversionary tactics). The silence and blank stares persist, so she adds, "I’m just trying to figure out if I want to be with just men or women, and, um, that’s why we’re here …"

Bobby’s mother, Donna, finally breaks the silence with, "You know, Mom’s down-to-earth, Mom’s cool, but this is my boy." Well, at least now we know where he learned to speak about himself in the third person!

Later, Donna tells us that she was "shocked, very shocked" to learn that her son was competing for a bisexual girl. When Tila asks her if she thinks Bobby could fall for a girl like her, Donna tersely tells her that if she could "simmer down a little and he wasn’t afraid that you’d be straying," Tila might be able to hook him. Bobby looks down at his plate and shovels some food into his mouth.

It’s an awkward moment, and the ever good-natured Tila tries to lighten the mood by smearing some food on her breast and encouraging Bobby’s little brother to "wipe it off" for her. Donna’s eyes officially bug out of her head. She sternly tells Tila, "I’m not impressed," and then exits the room.

Bobby’s father and stepfather, however, appear to be extremely impressed. It must be Tila’s playful joie de vivre!

Bobby’s really sweating it now because "Mom’s had a couple of drinks," and she’s already unleashed her maternal fury on his million-dollar baby. But Tila sympathizes and skips off to make nice with her.

And it works! Tila is so charming and irresistible that by the end of their heart-to-heart, Donna is all smiles and declares that if they were the same age they would be "standing at the bar together."

I would add that Donna would also probably be scowling at Tila and mouthing the word "slut" at her as every guy in the place panted in Tila’s general direction. But we’ll never know, will we?

Donna later tells us: "I think they would make a good pair. I would be proud to call her my daughter-in-law."

At the end of the evening, Tila hugs everyone goodbye and even calls Donna "Mom." Nonetheless, "Mom" is still suspicious, Tila is still a little uncomfortable around her, and Bobby is still nervous and beet red. Bobby and Tila hug out their farewells with only some slight, chaste kissing. Has King Bobby finally slipped from grace?

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