A Quickie with Paula Poundstone


AE: Who are your favorite comics or humorists?

PP: I love Lily Tomlin. She’s timeless, she’s brilliant. Um. I don’t generally select who I like based on gender. But I tell ya, the comedic actress I really love is Tina Fey. Have you see Date Night?

AE: Yes!

PP: I just think that was the funniest movie.

AE: I don’t think she wrote that. It was written by the guy who did Shrek.
PP: She’s in it, though, and she was great. It was a remake of The Out of Towners.

AE: I love 30 Rock. Would you want to have a TV show?
PP: I would, but I can’t for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is it’s very time-consuming. I can’t do that and raise my family at the same time.

AE: I guess it’s easier for people with wives and personal staff.

PP: Yeah. My staff is very limited.

AE: To… 
PP: Me.

AE: You have teen-aged kids. Do you talk about them in your act?

PP: I do! I don’t have to write [an act], I just take notes.

AE: Do they mind that you talk about them on stage?

PP: I don’t ask them. It’s none of their business.

AE: [Laughs] Hey, it puts food on the table.

PP: That’s right. It’s their share.

AE: What else do you talk about in your act?

PP: I talk about Abraham Lincoln.

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