A Quickie with Joni Lefkowitz


AE: What’s the worst one you’ve ever seen?
The worst one I’ve seen? Oh, this is going to be bad. It’s Go Fish.

AE: I thought you were going to say Claire of the Moon.
My parents took me to see Go Fish
when I was 12 or 13.

AE: Why in the world would your
parents take you to see Go Fish?
My parents just took me to all kinds of movies when I was too young to
understand them. They’re pretty hip. My dad listens to Radiohead and my mom
calls my dad "homeboy."

AE: Have you ever seen Everything Relative? Do you enjoy
endless processing? If so, that’s the film for you.
Me and Julia went through a phase where we rented every
lesbian movie in the store. Have you ever seen Mango Kiss?

AE: Showgirls is so bad, it’s good. It’s one of my favorite non-gay,
gay movies.
I agree. But I’m first in line for any film that has good-bad
potential. Like any Lindsay Lohan movie or films of that ilk.

AE: If you don’t like the films that are
out there, why don’t you make your own? Thanks for saying "ilk," by
the way.
I would love to. We had a close call, but those things take forever.
It’s like an updated Reality Bites. Not

AE: You don’t sound very interested
in doing gay projects.
I am definitely interested in writing gay projects. My problem with gay
movies is usually that they are only about the gay world, at the exclusion of
everything else — as if gay people exist in some parallel universe and aren’t
part of the "real world."

I personally prefer an accurately drawn gay character in any environment,
whose role isn’t only about being gay — coming out, struggling to fit in, all
the hard emotional stuff we have to deal with — but is just a part of who they

AE: I agree.
That’s sort of why we don’t harp on my character’s gayness in the web
series. It’s just a fact about me. Except there is an episode where my
character has to come out to her mom at the family farm around horses because
she knows her mom won’t yell in front of animals. But we just did that because
it’s funny.

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