A Quickie With Erin Kelly


AE: Seems the
"focused seducer" in you was actually a budding entrepreneur. What’s
wrong with that? You showed initiative.

My dad thought so, too, although he was obviously angry with me. He and
my godfather were also sort of laughing about it. But no one should ever do
that. It’s not something to be proud of.

AE: Does Grace seduce
for fun and profit, too?
She uses sex as a form of manipulation, to get what she wants. But it’s
also her safe spot. It’s comfortable. She can mask her vulnerability and all
the issues that are going on inside, through sex.

AE: What does it take
to create a very intense sex scene?
Well, it’s very unsexy; there’s a crew there. I mean, I’ve joked about
this before that [when] Katherine clears a set of men, I’m like, "Katherine,
the people who aren’t men on this set are all gay, so it’s the same thing."

AE: You have to watch
out for those lesbian gaffers.
[laughs] And then, on top of that, you have hair and makeup coming in
while you’re lying on top of each other, and someone to arrange your legs, and
you can’t move, and Katherine is yelling out, "Take her bra off, Erin!"

Gaidry (left) and Kelly in
Loving Annabelle

AE: It’s good to be the director. She said
she taught you the one-handed bra unsnap, which makes sense because Annabelle
would know how to do that.
Oh, yeah. Definitely.

AE: Can you still do
[laughs] I haven’t tried in a while.

AE: Katherine
mentioned that if she could, she’d shoot a new ending for Annabelle. What ending would you like to see?
[laughs] Annabelle jumping off the roof of the school.

AE: [laughs] With a falcon on her
Shouting, "Simone, I love you!"

AE: And then, death.
Yeah, of course!

AE: OK. Which existing ending do you like better?
I don’t like the alternate ending because it’s not true to life. And I
know that we often use movies as escapism and we want to see the happy ending,
but I like the shock value of not having the happy ending. I like having it be
true to life and, as the audience, you’re left going, "Aww. No!"

AE: You’ve known Katherine
for years now. When she approached you at that play with "Please tell me
you’re an actress," did you immediately think, "Who the hell are you
and what kind of line is that?"
No, because I had just recently moved to L.A. I wasn’t jaded. Not like
now. [laughs] So I listened to those strange women who come up to you and say
they’re going to make your career.

AE: ‘Cause that never
happens here in L.A., right?
[laughs] And they just want to sleep with you. But Katherine did not.
So then, I was just excited.

AE: The first time
you worked with her was on her short, Finding
, about two female cousins who have an affair with each other.
Yes, I auditioned for that two weeks after I met her.

Kelly and Jessica
Lancaster in
Finding Kate

AE: What’s the deal,
were they first cousins?

AE: You just made
that up.
[laughs] Yeah.

AE: But they were
cousins. That was a bold choice for your first role with a director you had
just met. Why do you like working with Katherine?
She’s a director who understands actors and knows how to talk to them. Also,
now we’re friends and we can talk to each other on that level. It’s great
working with people you love.


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