A Quickie with Chely Wright

AE: It’s going to get more and more micro until it’s just one word blurbs like “ha,” and “ew,” or “yowza.”

CW: [laughs] I know, right? Or just a smiley face.

AE: Right, just emoticons. Oy. Did you see Social Network?

CW: I did not, but I heard it was great.

AE: You should see it. You’ll like it.

CW: Wasn’t Justin Timberlake in it?

AE: Yes.

CW: Justin’s neat. I like him.

AE: He could have been just a boy band Flavor of the Month, but it turns out, he can act. And, he’s funny!
CW: Oh, gosh, when he’s on Saturday Night Live, he’s hilarious!

AE: Do you have any acting aspirations?

CW: Not really. I did a Disney movie, but not really. I think I would have to love it, like I love music. And with acting, you have to stand around too much and wait. I don’t like that.

AE: I can see how that would drive someone like you bananas.

CW: You know what? I might enjoy musical theater.

AE: Oh, yeah!

CW: That could be fun, right?

AE: Totally fun. Hold on. You should write a musical.

CW: That would be fun.

AE: Make that a 2011 resolution: Write a musical.

CW: OK, I’m on it!

AE: [laughs] Do you make New Years resolutions?

CW: I don’t.

AE: Becauseā€¦

CW: I don’t know, I think people set themselves up for failure. 

AE: Well, you can do what I do, and set the bar really low.

CW: I like to set goals from myself, year-round. But if I had a resolution, I wouldn’t say it what it is, because I wouldn’t ever want to fail.

AE: You don’t want to jinx it by saying it out loud? Like a birthday candle wish?

CW: Right.

AE: I can give you some New Years resolutions, if I may be so bold.
CW: OK, what do you got?

AE: You will continue to drive around Manhattan, rescuing strangers and their luggage.

CW: I like that.

AE: You will write your Broadway musical.

CW: I’m on it.

AE: I would like you to do a duet with Bruce Springsteen.

CW: Oh my god. You don’t even know how much I would love that. I love Bruce Springsteen.

AE: Oh, here’s an easy one. Continue to be awesome.

CW: Continue to be awesome! Let’s both continue to be awesome.

AE: Done. And that’s all I have right now.

CW: Well, if I did have a New Years resolution, it would be to bookmark AfterEllen.com and check in, every day.

AE: What do you mean? You haven’t already done that?

CW: You know what? I’m going to do it right now.

AE: Go on. I’ll wait.

CW: Done.

AE: And don’t forget to hit “refresh” every few hours.

CW: I meet so many people at bookstores and such, who go to AfterEllen. Your readership is really large. I appreciate how great you guys are to me!

You can catch Chely at The Dinah on Friday, April 1, 2011, in Palm Springs, CA, where she’ll be signing her book, Like Me, at the pool party, and taking the stage, later that evening. Get festive and see you there!

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