A Quickie with Chely Wright

AE: Do you think it will differ from a “regular” show because the audience’s common denominator is their super duper gayness, and not a shared love of a specific music genre?

CW: Well, it’s not that unusual to play for large crowds who have a thread of commonality. For example, when you play in Houston, you’re pretty much playing to a bunch of Texans and there’s a bond that forms within the audience. There’s a connectivity. I fully expect the Dinah audience to be “one” like that. When that does happen, when that bond is forged, it’s cool and the energy is uncontainable.

AE: Well, I’m looking forward to it! Hey, did you know your tweet parties with other celesbians are kind of legendary.

CW: They are?

AE: Sure! It’s fun for fans to “eavesdrop” on celebrities talking to their celebrity friends. You’re good at teasing your friends. It sounds flirty. Who’s your current Twitter crush?

CW: Well, Linda Perry and I write songs together, so she’s a friend. And Kristin [Chenoweth] and I are good friends. But crush? I don’t think I have a crush on anyone. I have a crush on my girlfriend!

With friend, Kristin Chenoweth

AE: Who’s your girlfriend?

CW: Well, she’s not a celebrity. She’s a businesswoman, here in New York.

AE: Good thinking.

CW: [laughs] But I like to keep up with fans and Twitter is good for that. I had a couple of gals yesterday that wrote, “If Chely Wright would tweet me back, I would dance in the streets.” So, I wrote back, “Tweet, tweet.”

It’s fun. It’s the social network of the day. I’m sure they’re developing the next new thing. What will the next one be?

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