A Quickie with Chely Wright


AE: Sounds perfect to me. Guess what? We were both caught in the New York City Christmas blizzard.

CW: I got home [to New York City] on Christmas night. And everyone kept saying, “We’ve got snow coming our way.” I didn’t know what everyone was talking about. And wham! The next day, at noon, just like the weatherman said, snow came in.

AE: Yeah. How did you survive it?

CW: I’ve lived in New York for a couple of years, but that was just apocalyptic. And I have a four-wheel drive SUV. I drove somebody home two days after the storm and there were people standing on the street corner trying to get rides from strangers. I ended up picking up a couple of people with luggage.

AE: Really?

CW: Yes! I stopped and asked if they needed a ride. They had four pieces of luggage and couldn’t get a ride from anybody. It took 30 minutes to go two miles. It was one of those unifying New York moments. It was really something.

AE: Did they know who you were?

CW: No. I was just some lady in an SUV who gave them a ride.

AE: That would make a great reality show: Celebrity Cabs Rides. What else did you do when you weren’t driving around Manhattan, rescuing strangers?

CW: I was lucky to be home with a big pot of soup, movies and a guitar. I had friends over, so it was fun to have a storm party.

AE: In a few months, winter will be a distance memory. In fact, it’s going to get pretty hot because you’re performing at The Dinah for the first time. What have you heard about it and how psyched are you to play for a huge, exclusively lesbian audience?

CW: Before I came out, I’d never heard about the Dinah. After I came out… well, that’s another story. It seemed that every lesbian I met around the country said to me, “You should play the Dinah!” I’m really excited to play such a festive event.

AE: Festive. That’s one way to describe it.

CW: I’ve heard nothing but great things. I’m bringing my entire band and we’re gonna have a blast!

Bridget McManus and Fortune Feimster getting festive at last year’s Dinah

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