A day in the life with Jasika Nicole

Gavin DeWest, Assistant Property Master, is also a photographer. Jasika and Claire had purchased one of his prints at a recent art show of his.

Then it is off to the set for blocking.

Jasika explains: "Blocking is when the actors and the director come together and they figure out where everyone is going to stand and where they are going to move. It’s different for theatre then it is for television. Obviously in theatre you have several different days of blocking where you are putting the whole show down on the stage and you can start memorizing it as you are memorizing your lines.

"But here, we have about 15 minutes to block a scene. So we go with the director and the director says ‘Let’s just read through the lines’ and so all the actors get together and they read through to hear how it sounds and if anyone in to it is moving they can do that. And you start to put it down and they’ll say ‘Oh I want you to come in from this door when your entrance is’ or ‘I want you to move to here when you say that, because I want the camera angle to be like this.’"

"So, once you go through a couple times with the director and we solidify it, that is when they bring the rest of the crew in and that is when we do “marks,” and so everybody in the crew needs to know where everyone’s going to be. Props needs to know where everybody is going to be so when they have a prop it will be in the right place. Marks needs to know where you are going to be so they can get their cameras together and they can figure out how long their lens needs to be. Sound needs to know where they are going to stand so they can put their booms in. So it just makes sure everybody is on the same page.

"It takes maybe 20 minuits to block a normal scene. Then, after blocking, you go to hair and make up and get freshened up and then it takes about 30-40 minutes to light the area and then you come in and then you start. Most often you will start with a wide shot. It’s a very general idea of everything so that they can cut to it from there and then they start going in for coverage. Which can take forever if you have about four to five people in a scene."

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