A day in the life with Jasika Nicole


Upon arrival, we go first to her trailer to drop our things before head for catering — coffee is always a must have for a long day. This is probably one of my most favorite things about working on any set or visiting set — the abundance of food.

After coffee, we go over to hair and make-up. “My hair is difficult to style so I usually will shower and do my hair before going to work,” Jasika says. The wigs are for the stand-ins.

Jasika explains: "A stand in is someone that’s supposed to look like you. They come to the set and stand there while the lights are being adjusted so the actors can go run their lines or get in make up, while this is going on. You want them to have your height, body shape if possible and your skin color, I think, is the biggest thing.

"It has been really tricky for finding a stand in for me here in Canada, because there aren’t many brown people here. It’s a very diverse city, Vancouver, but just not a lot of biracial or black people so I have had an Asain in a wig, I’ve had a white woman in a wig I’ve had a really dark black man , not in a wig but he was bald, which is even funnier and he was really tall, like 6’3” so he has to spread his legs really far so he looks shorter."

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