A day in the life with Girl in a Coma


Today Jenn was getting an old school telephone, which she got because she made a promise to the church that she would call my mom and dad everyday. They are on tour so much that it is a good reminder.

Then it was Phanie’s turn. She is a big fan of traditional tattoo art as well as Mexican style art. Her tattoos are almost all done in one or the other styles here are some of her tattoos.

The star is the first tattoo and Jenn also has the same one. The sugar skull shows a very traditional Mexican style art.

Viva Hate is Morrissey’s first solo record, the one that really got Phanie into Morrissey. She chose the sacred heart because the album is very sacred to her.

Phanie got this one by Honest Charlie as just for her love of the old tattoo art.

All the girls grew up in San Antonio.

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