6 TV Shows That Got Lesbian Sex Right

Sugar Rush

In the pilot episode of Sugar Rush, Kim Daniels wonders: “Why is everyone so fucked up about sex?” The show opens with her questioning whether or not it’s normal to masturbate with an electric toothbrush while thinking about her straight best friend, and over the course of two seasons, it explores Kim’s sexual curiosity with equal frankness and hilarity, as she comes to terms with being a lesbian, has a one night stand with her best friend, and ultimately finds a girlfriend who gets her, in the bedroom and out. “All in a day’s work for a 15-year-old, sexually-frustrated, gay virgin.”


When we meet Emily Fitch, she is sweet. And shy. And a closeted lesbian. But when she finally summons the courage to come out, she doesn’t pretend for a second that she’s into girls because she likes hair-braiding and emotional intelligence. In fact, she just makes a list of what she likes: “I like girls. I like sex with girls. I like their rosy lips, their hard nipples, bums, soft thighs. I like tits and fanny, you know?” Later, she gets a chance to test out her theory with her longtime crush Naomi Campbell. Skins could have given snuggles and implied love-makin’. But instead, they treated Naomi and Emily like all of the other sex-starved teens on their show. First, snogging. Then, skinny-dipping. Then, Naomi inviting Emily to go ahead and disappoint her, and Emily doing the exact opposite of that. She even comes out to her parents by bragging about her sexual prowess: “Her name’s Noami. She’s rather beautiful. So, I was nailing her.”

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