50 reasons we’re thankful we’re gay ladies in 2013


31. That It’s a Just Wig


You know what I’m talking about, Lost Girl fans. — Dorothy Snarker

32. That We Need a Time-Turner


I’m thankful to live in a world where there AREN’T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY to watch all the queer storylines on TV. It’s a problem I never thought I’d have. — Elaine Atwell

33. That Dana Fairbanks Lives


Girl, we saw you in The Bling Ring, being Hermione Granger’s lawyer! — Heather Hogan

34. Rookie Blue


I’m thankful that Rookie Blue, a show that portrays many strong female characters, added a queer lady relationship to the mix. Lesbian forensic pathologist Holly is a fun, quirky answer to rookie Gail Peck’s snarky ways. Charlotte Sullivan has also said that being genuine and having this relationship be for the women, not be some gross ratings ploy to appease men, is very important to her, which I’m extremely grateful for. — Valerie Anne

35. ABC Family


I’m thankful for ABC Family’s continued dedication to LGBT inclusion. Who knew the ABC off-shoot would end up being the go to place for authentic and rich stories about lesbian characters ad stories. Not just coming out stories either. Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters have gay characters who are just trying to living their lives, raise families, get into a good college. Sure, they’ve been stalked, shot, nearly run over by cars, but not because they are gay. Because they are at the center of the action, not sideline characters who only exist to fill a GLAAD scorecard. ABC Family has the kind of shows that can change the world, and they already have. — Dana Piccoli

36. Fandom


While there are more lesbian and bisexual characters on TV than ever before, there’s still nothing quite as satisfying as relaxing into the warm, welcoming embrace of a gay lady fan fiction writer who just gets the characters even better than professional TV writers. And the fan art. Lord, the fan art. — Heather Hogan

37. Fearless Defenders


Marvel’s short-lived comic book series introduced us to two lesbian characters, one of whom was brought back form the dead after serious fan outrage, and the other of whom was a woman of color that was created just for the title. — Heather Hogan

38. Arrested Development


Seeing Portia de Rossi back on our TVs as Lindsay Bluth was a dream come true. We prayed and begged and wrote letters to Fox for years. Thanks for being our savior more than once in 2013, Netflix! — Heather Hogan

39. The Killing


There are far too few butch lesbians on primetime television, but The Killing came through big time this year with homeless teen Bullet, who met an untimely end (hey, the show is named The Killing for a reason!), but won the heart of our readers and AMC’s audience at large. — Heather Hogan

40. Straight Allies

ABC's Coverage Of The 47th Annual CMA Awards

For allies and gay artists kicking down the country closet door. In the past, country music has not exactly been a bastion of equality and equality, but singers and songwriters like Kacey Musgraves and Brandy Clark changing that, one song at a time. CMA Best New Artist winner and straight ally Musgraves really stepped it up with her humorous and inclusive “be yourself” anthem, “Follow Your Arrow.” The song happens to be co-written by out artists Shane McAnally and Brandy Clark. Clark just released her own solo album, 12 Stories, to much critical acclaim. Hopefully the momentum generated by these two talented artists will open doors to a larger space in the world of country. — Dana Piccoli

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