50 reasons we’re thankful we’re gay ladies in 2013

11. Batwoman


Sure, there’s been a lot of drama surrounding DC’s mishandling of their only lesbian superhero, but this year gave us the first gay lady marriage proposal in mainstream comics and an epic, revolutionary team-up between Batwoman and Wonder Woman! — Heather Hogan

12. Angel Haze


I’m thankful for Angel Haze‘s music and for the attention she is bringing to pansexuality. — Eboni Rafus

13. Last Tango in Halifax


I’m also grateful for the outstanding and complex lesbian characters that the UK brought us this year in some fantastic shows: Last Tango in Halifax, Scott & Bailey, The Fall. — Jill Guccini

14. Glee


It doesn’t always treat us right, but Glee was the only TV series in 2013 to feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender characters. We miss Brittany S. Pierce every day, but we’ve got to give the show props for bringing on Demi Lovato to play gay. And we’re still laughing about Santana’s Yeast-I-Stat commercial. — Heather Hogan

15. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Kicks Off Duracell/Toys For Tots Initiative "Power A Smile" Campaign

The First Lady of Daytime TV continues to be the best ambassador for queer equality around the world. And this year she announced the upcoming Pixar masterpiece Finding Dory! — Heather Hogan

16. All My Children


Its resurrection didn’t last long, but any time we can spend with Bianca Montgomery is worth our gratitude. Plus, it’s a soap opera. Nothing ever really stays dead in soap opera world. — Heather Hogan

17. Blue Is the Warmest Color


So much has been said about Blue is the Warmest Color, that it is easy to walk into it, emotionally armed to the teeth. Yet, for all of it’s controversy, in its heart lies a film about mad, mad love between two women. It’s slow. It savors every bite of dialogue, every kiss, every bowl of spaghetti. There is a true balance in the film, unlike any I’ve seen in recent memory. For every ounce of ecstasy, there are equal amounts of agony. If you haven’t seen the film yet, don’t let reviews or criticisms scare you away. There is a lot to enjoy in this epic love story. — Dana Piccoli

18. Macklemore


I am so grateful every time I see some bro-y looking dude riding around with the windows open, blasting “Same Love.: — Elaine Atwell

19. Marriage Equality

Scottish Parliament Votes On Equal Marriage Bill

I’m also thankful for 16 states—California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington—who have gotten on the right side of history and allow same-sex marriages. — Dorothy Snarker

20. YA Lit


I’m thankful for all young adult books with positive, well-drawn gay characters—even the the books that aren’t very good. At this point there are too many for me to name, which gives me hope as both a reader of YA and a writer of YA. — Eboni Rafus

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