25 TV Characters You Should Not Date


Drusilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Why Not: Because she is crazy. And into creepy dolls. Oh, and a vampire. So no daytime dates then.

Rose, Two and a Half Men

Why Not: Because she is a stalker. Because the person she is stalking is Charlie Sheen. Not winning.

Tara Gregson, The United States of Tara

Why Not: Because it’s hard enough dating one person, let alone six people.

Echo, Dollhouse

Why Not: Because it’s no fun waking up each morning to “Did I fall asleep? Who are you?” Though, on the plus side, role-playing would be awesome.

Penelope, Saturday Night live

Why Not: Because she is a terrible date, probably a more terrible date than you, so. So she is the most terrible date on the planet, so. She is the most terrible date in the universe, so that means she’s probably better than you at being terrible. So.

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